I was working on Saturday 12th January at Curry’s, and finished my shift at 6pm, getting home around 6:20pm. All week I was preparing for the baby, although I had no hospital bag ready and was only half way through writing my birth plan! I had washed all his clothes, put up his wardrobe and ordered all the last bits and bobs ready for his arrival. At around 7:20pm, I felt like I had wet myself as constant fluid was coming out of me like a big gush! I literally froze as I though what on earth is going on? Have my waters broke? I am only 35 +6! I shouted Jake but was a little bit embarrassed to say I think my waters have broken as I was not expecting baby to arrive until 10th of February. I sat on the toilet but as soon as I stood up it happened again. This is when I thought surly I cannot have this much urine. I did not smell like urine either! I was googling everything to look for, I rang the hospital and they said to wear a pad and keep them informed. The pads were just soaked so I couldn’t wear one for longer than 2 minutes. I knew then that my waters had broken. I rang them back and we headed down to Triage at St Marys Hospital in Manchester. I was seen to after about 2.5 hours; they took my blood, swabbed and put a tube (painful) up there to check it was my waters! They said it was, so I had to stay in overnight and got moved to a ward. In the morning I was told that I would have to be induced by 7pm tonight if contractions hadn’t started. From mid-afternoon, I was experiencing pains but did not know what they were, again I was thinking ‘this can’t be contractions, I’m only 36 weeks now!’. I told the midwife, but she said they are probably cramps. At 6.30pm she examined me and said I was only 1cm dilated but I didn’t need the pill. It was painful, so I was dreading it later! All I remember after that was being sick when they gave me paracetamol, sitting on a pregnancy ball, finding it impossible to lie down. Jake was massaging my back as this was the worst pain I had. By 9.30pm Jake asked the midwife if I could have some gas and air because he could see I was in pain, although I was trying hard to focus on my breathing (after reading up on hypnobirthing) and not screaming. She was a bit hesitant and said it’s probably a bit too early, although after 15 minutes of being on the gas and air I was immediately rushed to the delivery room as they said I was 10cm and baby was ready to come out! (I could have told them that I felt like I needed a poo!) It all happened so quickly, as soon as I entered the room I pushed, and he came out straight away. Pushing was a relief, but it does feel like he is coming out of the rear hole, so I thought I was pooing myself! After he came out he was handed to me but then was taken to check his breathing, I pushed out the placenta and it was all over. Looked down and I could see my vagina again!

I was really scared of labour, but I did my research and was told it is physical but also mental when it comes to birth. Reading and practicing hypnobirthing techniques (I read a few books, but Hollie de Cruz helped a lot) made me stay a lot calmer than I thought. It really is not as bad as women make out for it to be, contractions are just like strong period cramps, something us girls are used to anyway! Our bodies are made for giving birth. I am proud to say I did it, and I am very shocked that I managed to do it without an anaesthesia such as an epidural or spinal block, and up until the last few minutes, I was able to do it purely on breathing (although the gas and air was fun!).

PS. Birth plans are a waste of time. They never go how you want, I wanted a water birth, but I couldn’t have one because he was premature, and I didn’t have time!


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