UPDATE! Gender, Pregnancy, Life

Its been soooo long since I have made a blog post, and to be honest I just haven’t had the time to do it! I haven’t even updated my site on the gender of the baby yet!

I’m too excited so I will just let the news out straight away; we are having a little boy! Secretly Jake and I longed for a boy from the beginning, I think its just due to the fact of being a woman myself and having a younger sister that it would be nice for a change, and also in my family its been a while since a little boy has been around. Jake wants a little son so he can grow him into a man like himself. Realistically, having a boy or a girl is a gift from god, and I would have been thankful for either, but I could not be happier. In the future I would love a little girl and to call her either Luna or Mila, I think that they are beautiful names.

We are very stuck on what to call our little boy. Jake is really keen on the name Lawrence, whereas I like Theo or Taylor. I believe that if we wait until the right time a name will come up that we both adore, and we have just over 16 weeks left anyway to decide.

Its been so amazing recently feeling him kick inside. I started to feel him kick around 18/19 weeks, but this was only briefly. Now he kicks loads (I am current 23 weeks and 5 days), especially in the morning and during the night. When I am lay down flat and relaxed he acts like a little Kung Fu panda! Whereas when I am trying to get other people feel him move he likes to stay still then haha. When having a bath, he likes to kick and I can see the water wave and move about every time he wriggles inside. Its such a blessing to have a little human growing inside of you. If you are pregnant and haven’t felt your baby kick at the same times as I have please do not worry! Every woman, baby and pregnancy is different. Mine has been pretty plain-sailing (so far), and I’ve had everything as expected really. You can start to feel your baby kick at anytime around 16-24 weeks. If you are further gone than 24 weeks, please consult your doctor or midwife just to be on the safe side, but like I said, all pregnancies are different!

At the moment I am trying to live a stress free life, however, its sort of impossible when you are expecting as you know that you need to save up and prepare for baba. Jake an I are both at uni, and I am working 3 days a week at Currys as well as just starting up tutoring for maths. Its going really well; I charge £15 p/h and I tutor one-to-one on evenings and any other spare time I have available. I have decided that I am going to start my maternity leave on the 27th of January, which is two weeks before I am due, but I am hoping that I can get off the whole of January as holiday so I can relax and get everything ready!

I have started doing a daily pregnancy yoga, which is one youtube if anyone else is interested. 10 minutes a day, you just do easy guided movements to help you prepare for labour and relax the mind. I highly recommend doing it if you are pregnant, especially in the mornings if you can because it puts your mind in a healthy, positive state ready for the day. The one I do is called Pregnancy Yoga, by Tonic, and they have numbered episodes to do through each day.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a haul to mothercare, and I know its earlier but its good to spread the cost out! I bought some feeding supplies, clothes for baby and myself and other bits and bobs to help prepare. I am still yet to get a pram and other larger items, as I have seen some amazing ones that I like but they are super expensive so I need to save for a while longer!

I will try and give an update next week. Everything is going really well and positive at the moment and I am really enjoying my pregnancy.


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