feelings at the moment

More of a journal entry, but I just thought I would share about my life currently. A couple of days ago I felt on top of the world; I was super happy as I felt so grateful for everything I have, such as Jake, the baby, the flat etc. I had started tutoring maths one to one which was earning me a bit of extra cash but also will really benefit my CV when it comes to finishing my maths degree and finding a job. I also loved my retail job and was dead excited for my holiday next week to Spain with Jake. I knew I had jinxed this when I wrote a status about how happy I was because these past two days have been so stressful and painful.

I have been working the past two days and I usually love my job, however I have had to deal with some incredibly rude customers and its stressing me out big time! All this ‘the customer is always right’ is bollocks, I work in a discount store so you can imagine people wanting more discount or not happy with the price or arguing with other customers about who saw it first. Also being stood on my feet for 7 and a half hours AND having to walk to and from work each day which totals an hour just DRAINS me and I feel knackered by the time I get home. Also, Jake and I have recently been struggling financially (only really over the past couple of weeks) and I’m worried that we won’t be able to give the baby the best and finically support it. My other blog posts are very positive and I know it will be okay in the future as we will receive support, but at the moment due to how the current situation is its hard to be so optimistic!

I am extremely grateful, however, for everything I have achieved this week and for having a baby growing inside. I am currently 17 weeks and 3 days. My belly is getting a little bit hard and I am dying to feel him/her move and wriggle about inside! Hopefully soon as they say that it can be first felt from 16-20 weeks. I let things get ahead of myself a lot but I’m quite good at staying calm (I like to think anyway, once you have a baby inside of you your whole mind changes and you always put them first!), I know that everything will be okay soon!


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