uni, work, a baby?

So currently I am at university (Manchester Metropolitan) studying maths, and I have two years remaining until I finish my degree. I was NOT expecting to give birth half way through this! Originally I have (half) planned to have baby after I finished my degree. That way myself and Jake would have both came out of university at the same time, as Jake is starting his second degree this September, and we could both save up and put money aside to build a family. Also it would be a massive weight off our shoulders getting education out of the way to begin with! Finding out I was pregnant made me question my career before it had even started. Can I still do this? Is there any chance of me getting a first? How am I meant to sleep and revise and get up in the mornings?!

One of the first things I did was email my head of department to explain the situation and asked the university what they could do to help me. The following day I already had a phone call to congratulate me and also explained my options! As my baby is due is February, they said what they recommended is that I take a year out from around January time, then just carry on exactly one year later. This seemed like a very sensible option as it meant I could still return to university in September and not sit at home bored, but also work towards my degree and not waste any time before the baby is here! I am still getting my student loan to help cover costs and also universities can be very helpful when it comes to parenthood as they offer grants and other financial support that you don’t have to pay back!

Regarding work, again I am going to take out a year from January but also use my holiday up just before the baby is born so I have a longer maternity leave for when the baby is here. I am contracted to 20 hours per week, which is covered over 3 days whilst the other days I am at university. I am just going to try and work my very hardest at the moment so I can get some money for when the baby is here!

Do not get stressed if you feel like it is the wrong time that you have fell pregnant, and try to find support straight away! I do not personally know any pregnant girls in university/education however it does not mean that you cannot still complete your degree and you can still ace it! It just means taking a little bit of time off to bring up your little one, which you would be doing anyway if you worked full time at a later stage of your life. IT IS POSSIBLE.

3 thoughts on “uni, work, a baby?

  1. The hubs and I are trying to get pregnant–I’m starting a new job where I am also going back to school (they are paying for it…YAY!). I intend to go back to work and continue schooling after I give birth, and the hubs will work part time and do school part time so he can watch the little one. You are right, it is possible even if daunting 🙂


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