Most Useful Pregnancy Apps

Being pregnant is so exciting and using apps in relation to your baby is a must for people with smart phones. In this post I am going to share some of my favourite apps that I currently use to track my pregnancy and make it a little extra fun.

The first app I downloaded (actually before I was pregnant) was an app called Flo. Flo is an app that you can set into two modes; menstrual and pregnancy. I downloaded this at the start of 2018, and its so useful to track your period and when you are ovulating. I input every time myself and my partner have sex, and then input when my period is and it would give me insights on my body and how I would be feelings. Its also a social app as other users can like and comment on the insight posts! Obviously when finding out that I was pregnant I could straight away more or less tell how far I was gone as you go by the day of your last period. I love this app so much I literally use it every single day. My favourite part is when I hit a new week of pregnancy it tells you what the baby is like inside and how your body is changing! I get so excited for this I sometimes even wait up until 12pm on a Sunday night to read it hahah.

After becoming pregnant, I downloaded an app called ‘Emma’s Diary’. Now this app is really popular and is pretty well known. Its similar to Flo but mainly focuses on pregnancy and how the baby and yourself is developing. The greatest thing about this app is that each week you can upload a bump photo and at the end it will put it into a transformation video! They also offer free goodie packs that you can collect from boots including vital baby bits and bobs and information to prepare you for parenthood. Definitely recommend.

The final app I would like to mention is one called ‘Precious’. If you are like me, and enjoy Instagram a lot or even just editing photos then this is a great app. You can upload pictures of your bump, baby, new baby buys etc and it has 100s of stickers, texts and beautiful designs to make your pictures special. I will definitely be using this a lot more when my bump forms better and bigger and when my little baby comes along! Sorry in advance for the spam on your feed of my baby photos!

If anyone else has any apps that they enjoy using please comment and I would love to give them a go!

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