Telling Your Employer That You Are Pregnant

First of all, you don’t need to tell your employer that you are pregnant until the 25th week of your pregnancy to allow you to get maternity leave. No matter how long you have worked for your employer everyone is entitled to up to 52 weeks off when the baby is born.

I was very nervous to tell my employer about my pregnancy. I had been working at my current job since October 2017, however, at the end of April I left this job to work in a bar (which I majorly regret). In July I contacted my old boss and explained the situation asking if I could return as I wasn’t getting on with my current job and really missed working in that environment. Most people say retail is horrible but compared to working 14 hour shifts (without a break) on a extremely busy bar in a city centre, it is bliss!

I went for an interview again and she explained to me that there were some things she expected and one was not to let her down. At this point I was about 8/9 weeks pregnant, and not even all my friends and family knew the news so I didn’t want to let her in on it straight away. I started working around two weeks later.

I didn’t tell anyone at work about the pregnancy until around the time of my first scan (at 14 weeks). As I had only just returned to that job I felt like telling her I was going to leave again because I was having a baby was letting her down. The day of the scan my boyfriend came in with me to work and I showed my manager the scan picture and explained. She said congratulations to us both and has been helpful since with organising my maternity leave. Unfortunately because I left my job I won’t get maternity pay, as you have to have worked 26 weeks without a break by the 15th week prior to the birth.

Honestly, don’t be scared to tell your employer. Having a baby is the most beautiful thing in the world and everyone is happy for you. Also, everyone is 10x nicer to you when they know you’re expecting! I will be returning back to work after my maternity leave and I can’t wait to bring my little baby into my job for all my colleagues to meet.

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