Baby Names

This blog post is a pretty basic one, so I will just keep it short a sweet. My boyfriend and I have forever been thinking about baby names, although we don’t even know if it is a boy or a girl yet! It is a big decision and once you chose that name it is something that is going to be with your baby for the rest of their (and your) life. Every single day we both randomly say ‘do you like this name…’ and then its just a yes or no answer. Although I am so early in my pregnancy at the moment its something that I can’t stop thinking about!

We both think that it is going to be a boy, and he likes the names Ezra, Oscar, Taran and Tyler. If its a girl we are pretty set on the name Kiah, but we also like Taryn. I feel that when the right name comes along it will feel right, and I will love it instantly; that hasn’t happened yet.

The point in this blog post is if people are reading please could you comment with a few suggestions? I have googled endlessly and nothing has really stood out for me!

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