Sickness and Symptoms

Tomorrow I am officially 15 weeks pregnant, so I just wanted to share my experience so far with how my pregnancy has gone for me.

These are some of the early signs of pregnancy (during the first trimester), and although the majority are not pleasant, it is definitely worth it!

  • feeling sick
  • needing to urinate more often
  • feeling tired
  • tender breasts
  • cravings for random foods
  • a missed period!

Its a known fact that at from roughly 5/6 weeks pregnant you can start feeling a bit, well, shit. The first trimester is knowingly the ‘worst’ during pregnancy. We’ve all heard of morning sickness, which by the way, confuses me SO much as to why its called morning sickness, as this can happen at any time of the day! Luckily for me, I only encountered this once, which was one evening where I felt terribly faint, dizzy, bed-bound and was constantly throwing up. However, this was during England’s ‘heatwave’ a few weeks ago, which can cause me to have migraines anyway and lead to nausea.

I was a little worried that this had only happened once (majorly), as I thought, well three pregnancy tests are saying I am pregnant, I haven’t had a period for a while, why am I not experiencing symptoms of pregnancy? After a lot of worrying and googling I came to the conclusion that around 85% of women experience symptoms during the first trimester, so I must be part of the 15% that doesn’t, and honestly I was grateful for that. Phew! The baby should be fine.

What I can say though is that I got EXTREMELY tired. On a daily basis, I try to go to sleep at around 11pm and I wake up at 8am every day, mainly to go to work, but if not its became a habit I suppose. If you are working during pregnancy try to not be constantly stood up (or even sat down) all the time; it can make you extremely tired and its not good for the baby’s growth at all. I also found out that as well as being pregnant, I was carrying a gene which contained haemoglobin D (I will write another blog about that) which also meant I was extra tired! I’m napping quite a lot in the day when I have the chance now.

But OMG, the boob ache! During pregnancy, your breasts will start producing milk for breast feeding, and this leads to growth. My breasts are on the larger side anyway, at the moment they are 32FF’s. You usually can grow by 2/3 cup sizes. You can start producing milk as soon as 15-16 weeks some women say. From about week 7, my breasts have been so painful and tender I can’t help but feeling like I need to put pressure on them regularly. Do you remember during puberty when you had a ‘pain’ in your boobs and your mum would tell you its just growing pains? Well this is constant and feels 3x worse. Luckily, by the second trimester this fades a little.

These are just a few of the basic symptoms I have encountered, which is only a handful and there are many more. I suggest that you should just be aware of what you might come across if you have recently found out that you are pregnant, or look for the signs of of pregnancy if you are concerned about your period, but always do a test!

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